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    The FBA’s SOLACE initiative is open to all FBA members and those related to them within the legal community – judges, lawyers, court personnel, paralegals, legal secretaries and their families – not just lawyers. If you would like to submit a SOLACE request for help, please click the box below, “Post to this discussion.” No request is too big or too small.

    The FBA SOLACE initiative is directed at the national level by the FBA National SOLACE Committee. All SOLACE requests are handled as discreetly as possible. In normal circumstances, the only parties who will know the identity of a person requesting help are the SOLACE coordinators and the individuals offering help. Likewise, if you are offering to help meet a request, the only parties who will know your identity are the SOLACE coordinators and the individual seeking help.

  • SOLACE stands for "Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel—All Concern Encouraged.”

    This program provides a way for the FBA legal community to reach out in small, but meaningful and compassionate ways, to FBA members and those related to them in the legal community who experience a death, or some catastrophic event, illness, sickness, injury, or other personal crisis. Examples of past requests and responsive help include securing a medical evacuation airlift from a foreign country, donating furniture to a solo practitioner whose office was consumed by a fire, and contributing frequent flyer miles or hotel points for families who cannot afford the travel costs associated with medical treatment. SOLACE does NOT, however, handle requests for money. For more information on the initiative’s good work, please click here.

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  • FBA 20 x 2020 Chapter Challenge

    Dear Professional Chapter Leaders,

    As you may have heard the Federal Bar Association will be celebrating our 100th birthday next year and we want to give our organization an amazing present…new members!

    We want to reach a new milestone of 20,000 members by our mid-year Gala Celebration scheduled for March 2020. To hit that mark, we need to grow our current membership by 1,800 new members. We can do it if we all work together!

    To that end, we are launching a new member recruitment campaign: the 20K x 2020 Chapter Challenge. The Challenge will be a friendly chapter v. chapter competition to:

    Grow your chapter’s membership by 10% by February 29, 2020
    Earn cash and non-cash prizes
    Be recognized at the FBA Centennial Gala event at next year’s Leadership Summit to be held in March 2020
    Your local recruiting efforts will be supported by Chapter Challenge tools and tips to ensure everyone is armed for success. Keep an eye out for this week’s Chapter Connection for a link to a dedicated 20K x 2020 Chapter Challenge webpage where you will be able to:

    View and download our new Centennial logo for use in print and digital marketing materials
    Find ideas for planning and hosting local events to boost your membership
    Learn ways to involve your local legal and judicial communities in membership drives
    And much more!
    One target audience to consider for immediate outreach and recruitment is your lapsed chapter member list from the past five years (2014 – 2019). FBA National Staff has compiled these lists and will share with you via a link to a password-protected Dropbox folder.

    Another audience for consideration? The law schools and FBA student chapters in your area…a great resource for connecting with future federal lawyers. Reach out to law student chapter leaders and invite them to join the 2020 Chapter Challenge by sponsoring a new student membership drive when their new school year commences in August or September.

    I am so proud of the work you have done and continue to do to recruit, engage, and retain FBA members in your chapter! The FBA plays an important role in making the careers – and lives! – of our members better, and I look forward to witnessing and celebrating our collective positive impact over the next year.
    Thank you so much for all you do for your chapter and for the Federal Bar Association!

    Jonathan Hafen
    FBA Membership Chair

    On behalf of the FBA’s Membership Committee